The Department of Petroleum & Gas Engineering has well-equipped laboratories required for conducting the laboratory work prescribed for individual courses and for conducting research. The department has the following laboratories.

  1. Petrophysics Laboratory
  2. Reservoir Fluids Laboratory
  3. Drilling Engineering Laboratory
  4. Integrated Petroleum Engineering Laboratory
  5. Simulation / Computer Laboratory

    Software/ Application

    Scope/ Usage

    (adapted from respective vendor's website(s)/ documentation)

    Courtesy / Under License From

    PIPESIM, OilField Manager (OFM), ECLIPSE, PETREL

    Multiphase - wellbore and surface network - fluid flow simulations, PVT modelling, Surface facilities design/ sizing

    Reservoir & wellbore analysis, surveillance and forecasting

    Black oil, compositional and thermal reservoir simulation

    Integrated reservoir simulation workflows


    KAPPA Workstation

    (Saphir, Topaze, Rubis, Emeraude, Citrine, Azurite)

    An integrated, dynamic data analysis package covering the day-to-day petroleum engineering tasks of:

    Pressure Transient Analysis

    Rate Transient Analysis for single- and multi-, vertical and non-vertical wells

    Field-wide numerical modeling and simulation, history-matching, reserve estimation and production forecasting

    Comprehensive production log analysis for cased wellbores

    Visulaization, analysis and interpretation of unconventional formations using decline curve techniques

    Analytical pressure transient analysis, fluid gradient determination and delineation of fluid contacts

    KAPPA Engineering

    Integrated Production Modelling (IPM) Suite


    Nodal Analysis (Inflow/ outflow modelling and performance evaluation), Design of well completions including artificial lift systems

    Design and optimization of well and surface production networks for conventional and unconventional scenarios

    Comprehensive fluid characterization from hydrocarbons to Carbon dioxide, Flash calculations and Investigation of hydrate formation possibilities

    Reservoir engineering studies including material balance calculations, history-matching and production forecasting along with aquifer, 1D and 2D modelling capabilities for both production and injection scenarios for conventional and unconventional reservoirs

    Solution for advanced/ specialized reservoir modelling and simulation needs employing a fully thermal FD, 3-D simulation workflow, enabling the devising of solutions to common borehole problems like sand production and wax deposition

    Economic analysis such as NPV, IRR etc. to justify field development and operational decisions, Global, multi-tiered optimization scheme for Mixed-integer, Non-convex, Non-linear optimization problems, Integration of subsurface and surface models and Probabilistic studies

    Petroleum Experts Limited

    (Educational Licence donation equivalent of £2,584,803.53)

    Interactive Petrophysics

    Formation evaluation studies stemming from core and well log data

    Lithology identification through mineralogical manipulations

    Monte-Carlo simulations

    Rock typing

    Estimation and extrapolation of petrophysical properties

    Lloyd's Register


    Unsteady- and steady-state Special Core Analysis Laboratory (SCAL) experimentation covering drainage and imbibition studies featuring oil-water, gas-oil or gas-water systems

    History-matching of lab results and estimation of relative permeability, capillary pressure and resistivity index as functions of fluid saturation


    Engineer's Desktop

    (COMPASS, StressCheck, CasingSeat, CasingWear, WELLCAT, Well Cost, WELLPLAN, OpenWells)

    Directional well design and construction

    Evaluation of casing wear limits and economical casing design;

    Pore pressure-based casing size and shoe setting depth calculations

    Identification of locations and estimation of the extent of casing damage stemming from drilling operations

    Specialized casing load and stress analysis for HPHT offshore or heavy oil wells

    Well life-cycle cost and planning optimization

    Predicting drilling problems (stuck pipe, BHA failures etc.) for economical well construction

    Seamless field operations reporting and shared accessibility

    Halliburton Worldwide GmbH

    (Part of Halliburton's University Grant Program for UET, Lahore with an overall value of $22,488,660.00)

    Nexus, NETool

    Reservoir modelling and simulation for a range of reservoir types and scenarios

    Capable of modelling Smart Wells and coupling subsurface and surface production systems

    Specialized, well-specific, near-wellbore modelling and simulation for improving completion design on a well-by-well basis

    Halliburton Worldwide GmbH

    (Part of Halliburton's University Grant Program for UET, Lahore with an overall value of $22,488,660.00)

    FracPro, StimPro

    Designing, optimization as well as pre- and post-stimulation evaluation of hydraulic fracturing treatments
    Matrix acidizing design and analysis for both sandstone and carbonate formations

    CARBO Ceramics Inc.